Our Name With Flame Custom Candelabras are personalized with YOUR name, colors, and number of silver candle holders.

Our Candelabras are made from theatrical set foam - this material is dense but light weight - which enables us to design custom fonts. And it's BIG - up to 42 inches wide & over 22 inches high. Works great without the silver candle holders in the welcome area or place card table - the candle holders easily pop in when it's time for the candle lighting! 

We include a "Touch-Up Kit" with instructions on how to alter your name for use as a wall hanging - so after your event, your Candelabra becomes a beautiful keepsake. 

​"All I can say Diane is AMAZING...GORGEOUS...PERFECT!!!"

"All I can say is WOW...This was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! It was amazing...it just made the place shine!" 
"​I'm so happy I found your site. You have the BEST candelabras from what I've searched on the net. You are awesome! Thanks again!"

Who is planning your event?Just me
Friends and family
Professional planner

When is your event?A year or more
6 months or less
3 months or less
Less than a month
What custom product would you most like to see from Name With Flame?Centerpieces
Cake Toppers
Card Boxes
Photo Booth Props
Boards
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"I cannot say enough positive things! The candelabra for the Sweet 16 was perfect! Really beautiful. And it made the ceremony. It's now hanging on the wall in my niece's room."
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