Due to customization ,orders must be received at least THREE WEEKS prior to the event.
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This great DIY (do it yourself) project lets you paint, glitter & decorate your Candelabra however you wish. Put your talents to use, have fun and create a truly personal keepsake of your event!

Painting your Candelabra is not difficult, but THIS PROJECT TAKES TIME!

Classic Candelabra
Our Candelabras are personalized with your name, choice of color & sparkle, and up to 17 gold or silver candle holders. Use without the candle holders to decorate the entry or place card table... then when it's time for the candle lighting, just pop the candle holders in place. After the party, your Candelabra becomes a special keepsake... everything you need to convert your name into a beautiful wall hanging is included! 

Edwardian Script - 
Art Deco -
Graffiti -
 Especially good for Bar Mitzvahs!
Simple and elegant!
Modern and fun!
The best way to carry out your Tiffany & Co. theme!
Rhinestone Ribbon
Add a different look to your Candelabra by having TIERED CANDLE HOLDERS - we can tier the candle holders any way you'd like - middle to each side or high to low.
Add a different look to your Candelabra adding RHINESTONE RIBBON to the base - your choice of color - Silver, Gold, Pink, Blue or Green.
Price: $9
Tiered Candles
Price: $6 for any number of Candles, cut to any lengths you'd like

Animal Print
Samantha's theme was "Tiffany Zebra"... we LOVE the way this turned out! Animal prints add a wild, sophisticated vibe to any event - perfect for any WILD party! 
Price: $15
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$125.00 + $15 Shipping
​$199.00 + $15 Shipping